Learning to program is very similar to learning a new language, which is a gradual learning process. It is observed that kids can learn faster and easier than adults because their developing brains are made for learning and have no reservations to limit or scope, so childhood is a great time to start learning programming concepts and picking up skills that can stick for life. Learning to program helps kids develop skills that will not only benefit them in school but also help them stand out from the crowd in the job market, be it research or execution, coding can both enable empowerment as well as help analyse any problem at hand. 

Coding before the 21st century was mostly text-based, also sometimes called as “line” coding. The new visual way of coding is very user-friendly and even kids friendly, where they can focus on problem solving and not just on syntax. Earlier there were languages such as Basic, Pascal, COBOL, or FORTRAN. While these languages have mostly faded away in popularity and execution, they were considered to be very powerful tools and were very popular in their day. Other languages which are still around today include C, Python, Visual Basic, Ruby, and R. 

It is interesting to note that half of the highest-paying jobs require some coding knowledge. Not only has this, but the demand for programming skills continued to grow exponentially. In the past 10 years it’s estimated that there will be 24 lacs programming jobs available, but there are currently only 400,000 candidates with the right qualifications to fill those positions. This means that there’s a huge supply gap for people with programming skills. Despite this, only 3 in 10 schools currently teaches any application based programming, meaning it’s up to parents to make sure their children have access to the learning resources they need to develop these skills. 

How to Choose the Right Coding Classes for your child?

With a lot of options available these days, it can be difficult to determine which coding program is right for kids. This decision can be even more confusing for parents that don’t have a background in programming. Fortunately, there are several key indicators that you can use to judge the quality of a coding program and help choose the best option for your child. 

Use these indicators to determine what program provides the most value for you and your child. For more insights and tips from industry experts, contact codecrayon.in and we will guide you in the process.

Feel free to share your views! At Code Crayon, there is no limitation to expression and creativity! So go ahead hit that comment button and share your views/code/game with us, we may also include it in our curriculum and you will get to teach others!

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