Scientists have finally uncovered a new state of matter, the liquid glass, with previously-unknown structural elements. It is interesting to note that this discovery comes about 20 years after the existence of the ‘liquid glass’ was first predicted, and also reveals new insights into the mysterious glass transition.

According to scientists, this new state seems to exist between a solid and a colloid (such as a gel) homogeneous mixtures with particles that are microscopic but still bigger than the atoms and molecules and easier to study 

2 When materials transform from liquids into solids, their molecules usually line up to form a crystalline pattern, which is not the case with glass, which is why scientists are so keen to analyse and deconstruct it— with glass (and glasslike materials), the molecules are locked or frozen in a disordered state 

3 In the liquid glass, the scientists noticed that the colloids were able to move, but couldn’t rotate – they had more flexibility than the molecules in glass, but not enough to make them comparable to regular materials that have already been extensively studied 

4 The findings have the potential to go way beyond the glass as well, shedding light on everything— from the smallest biological cell to the biggest cosmological system – any scenario, where there is unexplained disorder.

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