1. Wikipedia claims there are approximately 700 programming languages, while others say that number is closer to 9000! But like spoken languages, there’s a hierarchy of programming languages based on their prevalence and usage.THE COMPUTER VIRUS WASN’T DESIGNED TO BE HARMFUL
  2. If you’ve watched any sort of sci-fi film, the tale of ‘man designs technology to help, technology ends up going rogue and doing the complete opposite of what it was meant to do’ will be familiar. Fred Cohen designed an anti-virus software and to prove it was needed, he created a virus that was able to infect a computer, copy itself and spread automatically. 
  3. These days, a computer bug is when something goes wrong within the coding. But in 1947, the first recorded computer bug was an actual dead bug. Admiral Grace Hopper of the US Navy was working on Mark II computer when it start acting ineffectively and weird. A check revealed and allowed discovery of a bug hindering the computer’s working, leading her to share that “a bug had been found”.
  4. What is interesting to know is the engineers who found the moth literally “debugged” the machine and made it usable. On September 9, 1947, world’s first computer bug was reported. Nowadays, A bug is a flaw or glitch in a system.
  5. The old ones are the good ones. That doesn’t just apply to the Rocky Movies or Coldplay’s music. NASA still run old fashioned computing systems and with it coding from a time when Nottingham Forest were the best team in Europe. It would be very difficult to design new programmes for space as well as very risky also – the current ones work without any glitch, so why modify/create new ones? The Space Shuttle runs on code created in 1970s, meaning that it takes less code to send a man into space than it does to power the mobile in your pocket, how amazing is that!
  6. The very first computer game was created in the year 1961, How cool is that?
  7. The first programming language was called Fortran, and it was created in the ’50s.
  8. A lot of programming languages share the same structure and design, hence, it is easy for anyone to learn a new programming language once they have already mastered one earlier.
  9. Computers run on binary code, which means that their software is written using only 1s and 0s. The actual communication happens in 1s and 0s only, Imagine how will that look like!
  10. Learning coding has stunning cognitive-related benefits, such as problem-solving, computational thinking, analytical thinking, creative thinking, leadership-related skills, and even teamwork that s why at Code Crayon we are trying to build an innovative curriculum that also acts as an amalgamation of all these skills.
  11. In the near future knowing how to code will be as necessary and helpful as knowing how to write is, today. Yes, regardless of the field or career you decide for the future!

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