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A recent report by UNFPA shows almost 30% of India’s population is currently in the age group 0-14 years. The working age group 15-59 years accounts for 62.5% of India’s population. 

We will need to create 12 million jobs every year to absorb the working population of the country. 

The iPhone is a compass and flashlight. At CES we saw this trend in abundance – a router that’s also a speaker. Or a mirror that’s also a lamp. A picture frame that charges your smartphone. Multipotential talent is the future.

Why become a Code Crayon Franchise?

Don’t Retire – Reinvent

In some professions there is no age for retirement and education is one of them, if you are one of those you have time and want to startup, Code Crayon can help you kick start YOUR very own Entrepreneurial Journey. 

For the 12 million+ young people who enter the workforce in India every year, there is a growing trend of young people investing in build additional qualifications and parents have realised this.

ZERO Upfont Fees or Costs!

Yes, you read it right, Code Crayon will not charge any upfront fees or any opportunity cost. We just want to see drive and passion in individuals and help them achieve their own potential. 

Here in Code Crayon and the lot of franchisees who have already joined us, we believe that sky is NOT the limit.

Training & Certification

Complete Training and Certification will be provided through Code Crayon which includes insights like which all courses to start with to becoming a trainer yourself, insights from digital marketing to promoting YOUR Brand, we will share collaterals, insights and experience to get you startup up and running in no time. Just hit that Apply Now button and lets connect!

Application for Code Crayon Franchise

Fill a simple form to apply as an esteemed Code Crayon Franchise.

We will get in touch with you and after initial screening will proceed.

Franchisees who also would like to teach themselves, would need to give a demo.

Selected Franchisees and Teachers will undergo a training process to understand our CRM & LMS.

After attending training, they will be assigned with an online session post which your Entrepreneurial Journey will start!

Me! Pages

Below link will take you to Me! Pages, Code Crayon's own Coder-Community, which can be used to share your Code, App. Design or Idea with the world!
All The Best!