In Code Crayon we sincerely believe in pushing the envelope and know that challenging status quo takes courage and it might not be easy for kids to embrace change but it is very important for us to keep pushing everyone and then building on it. So here are some steps and strategies that can help in improving analytical thinking skills for kids:

  1. Observe and Record

Try taking a walk outside or observe people around your home or offices. Try using as many of your senses as possible for every milestone, even try to go beyond to just seeing what’s happening around you. If there is anything that interests you, try recording it in your notebook? Try to actively engage your mind also.

  1. Read as many books as possible

As observed, improving analytical thinking skill translates into active mind and body. Try read books and try creating a reading strategy to keep yourself engaged to proactively read and digest and do remember to question what you’re reading and even observe different perspectives. Feel free to make predictions to stay engaged with your reading material.

  1. Try To Learn How Things Work

Remember to not just find the solution but know how certain things work. By scrutinizing and analyzing  how things work, you will eventually have a better understanding of the process which might in stimulating your analytical skills and in the process you may also improve how those things are working, never underestimate the potential of an active mind.

  1. Ask Questions

We understand that curiosity contributes to making us smarter and according to Neuroscientist Aracelli Carmago, “The more curious we are about a subject, the more it engages our cognitive functions, such as attention and memory.” With that said, asking questions have shown to help improve problem-solving skills, retention, and even memory of a given subject, but also do remember to engage as many senses as possible. So don’t hold yourself back, ask as many questions, till you find what you are looking for.

  1. Play Brain Games Including Group Ones

There is a lot of research to support direct proportional improvement of your analytical thinking skills by playing games like Sudoku or other brain games like puzzles, chess, or crosswords. Playing certain games can be fun and does not require a lot of planning bandwidth, just a schedule and the game takes care of the rest and doesn’t require a lot of motivation to get started.

  1. Practice Your Problem Solving Skills And Record The Outcomes

Remember that for every problem, there is a solution, it just may not be available right now or maybe waiting for you to be invented! Try to visualize and be articulate in the presentation of a particular concept as possible. Try preparing three or even more solutions to any given problem statement. Especially in Coding there are very few proper right answers and a lot of probable right answers. 

  1. Think About Your Decisions

Making decisions at work might seem very common but having a rational explanation for every decision is something that may not come naturally but it becomes a habit eventually. The pros and cons of your decision can be visually represented feel free to ask for an expert opinion. That is why here at Code Crayon we do just ask how but why, kids should do extensive research before arriving that why. We also believe it also contributes to clarity and results in lifelong learning. 

Feel free to share your views! At Code Crayon, there is no limitation to expression and creativity! So go ahead hit that comment button and share your views/code/game with us, we may also include it in our curriculum and you will get to teach others!

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