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Let’s kickstart the coding journey!

We aim at preparing the curious minds for the new future. We help students achieve mastery in coding skills to gain success in the technical field.

Our teaching methodology


“A Good teacher explains, but
A great teacher inspires”

Code Crayon has opted for a friendly approach. Teachers provide emotional support to help students combat the fear of learning a new language. We help them get acquainted with the language of computers and stimulate logical thinking. We foster a mindset where making errors remains the key part of learning. Our faculty members focus on strengthening core coding fundamentals and then take them through the journey of real coding exercises.

Online Coding Course For Age: 6 -18

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Code Crayon Advantages


Experiential learning

Students understand and learn about the core concepts of coding through practical sessions and motivate students to success.

Support resources

We launch explanatory videos to help simplify instructions and provide visual instructions to retain concepts for long.


Computational thinking

We teach children to think differently. They learn to break down a large problem into small pieces.

Contextual and engaging

The curriculum keeps the students engaged by showing them tangible output at the end of each lesson.

Versatile applications

Coding knowledge helps kids build their own games, animation and apps, essentially transcending from just users to creators.

Global Citizenship

Content taken from NASA, Discovery and Other platforms exposes kids to Global Instructional Strategies.

Why Coding?


Fosters creativity

Coding strengthens children’s brains by giving them enough space to do experiments. They get a chance to apply the random ideas and build something new.

Turn thoughts into real

While learning coding languages, kids learn to convert their imaginative thoughts into reality and create an innovative virtual platform independently.

Communication skills

While interacting with computers, kids brainstorm and learn the connection between coding, language, & writing. This ultimately helps improve the expression of kids.

Empathise with others

While developing codes, coders have to frequently interact with the clients, this makes them understand their requirements and empathise with them.

Mathematical skills

Students learn to apply mathematics to worldly situations. They develop a sense of understanding problems and perseverance to solve them.

Learn logical skills

Coding helps children to analyse complex problems deeply and look for the solutions by applying logics.

Improved academic performance

Children learn to observe and plan their thoughts to make them understand academic concepts deeply. Their concentration level also gets improved.

Boost confidence

Coding languages contribute towards multiple aspects of educational syllabus including Mathematics, Writing, and Creativity.
Learn the new language of the digital age. Learn Coding

Practical Utility Of Coding Languages


Understand the working of computers

Students get the idea to decode the magic that happens behind the screen we see. They understand the science of computers with which they spend most of the hours in a day.

Creation of own website during courses

The enthusiastic minds get a vast learning during their coding classes at Code Crayon. Eventually they get the knowledge to build websites on their own.

Making own microblog during courses

Students learn to create their own microblog during training. They build the microblog from scratch.

Learning about YouTube Channel + Video Editing

The coding aspirants explore the world of YouTube and they easily understand its working from video editing to uploading videos.

Building Apps for mobile devices, including tablets

Our courses prepare you to write clean codes that help build applications specific to mobiles devices including tablets and smart watches.

Learn to code video games from scratch

Students get the chance to convert their enthusiasm for playing games into a passion for coding games.

Create stunning landing pages

Students receive practical training to code landing pages. This makes them credible to get digital marketing projects.

Develop softwares to streamline professional operations

The young minds learn to develop software that helps businesses to streamline certain functions.

Become a professional computer programmer!

Coding fosters logical thinking and helps children tackle complex programmes. Coding helps you stay grounded while making decisions, even when the business is undergoing a rough patch. Kids also inculcate the power of resilience. If one solution doesn’t work, they try another one. They keep on trying again and again until the whole problem gets solved.  This builds the right platform to become a professional computer programmer. 


  • I am a mother and a teacher and Code Crayon was one great engagement which focused on hands on approach, which I really appreciate

    Aaradhya (Grade 2)

    Advanced Scratch | New Delhi
  • Hello, I just want to share my sincere opinion about teachers in Code Crayon having focus on LEARNING and APPLICATION and no just completing number of classes, thank you!

    Shoaib (Grade 4)

    3D Design | Hyderabad
  • After a skeptical start, and after also going through demos from other options, I found Code Crayon to be the best of both the worlds

    Simran (Grade 4)

    Scratch Math | Punjab
  • Hi, I am myself a computer science teacher and looking at the curriculum of Code Crayon really made me explore the content, there are a few things even I am learning! Thank you!

    Ashul(Grade 6)

    Python | Bangalore
  • Hello, my daughter is enjoying the electronic kits and keeps creating new projects. Myself being an engineer also get surprised what these young kids are able to achieve these days!

    Mubin Banu(Grade 7)

    Electronics | Trichi
  • Hello, my name is Dr. Saba Subramanium, the solution is very thoughtful, it’s not just coding, programming and math but also design and collaboration elements that are built in. Great to see such innovation on curriculum design.

    Shubham (Grade 4)

    Python | Coimbatore

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